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accipiters accipiters in flight american redstart animals baltimore oriole birds in maryland birds in new hampshire birds in new york birds in virginia black and white warbler black vulture black_capped chickadee blackbirds blackpoll warbler blue grosbeak bluebirds brown thrasher buntings buteos butterflies butterflies large cardinals carolina chickadee carolina wren cedar waxwing chestnut_sided warbler chickadees chipping sparrow common yellowthroat cooper's hawk deer doves eastern bluebird eastern kingbird eastern phoebe eastern towhee eastern wild turkey eastern wood_pewee field sparrow flowers flycatchers golden_crowned kinglet grasshopper sparrow gray catbird grosbeaks hairy woodpecker hooded warbler hummingbirds hummingbirds in flight indigo bunting ive_been_spotted kentucky warbler kinglets least flycatcher louisiana waterthrush magnolia warbler mourning dove nashville warbler northern cardinal northern parula nuthatches orioles osprey osprey in flight ovenbird peafowl pewees phoebes pileated woodpecker pine warbler prairie warbler prothonotary warbler rabbit red_breasted nuthatch red_eyed vireo red_shouldered hawk red_winged blackbird rose_breasted grosbeak ruby_throated hummingbird sandpipers scarlet tanager singing birds sparrows spotted sandpiper st. louis circle swallows tanagers terns terns in flight thrashers thrushes titmouse towhees tree swallow tufted titmouse turkeys turtles upland game birds veery vireos vultures warblers_2008_09 white_breasted nuthatch white_eyed vireo white_throated sparrow wood thrush woodpeckers wrens yardbirds yellow warbler yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''

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