2006 April Galleries
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_need_flycatcher_id american coot american goldfinch american white pelican baltimore oriole barn swallow barred owl belted kingfisher bird courtship blackbirds blue jay blue_gray gnatcatcher blue_winged teal blue_winged warbler bluebirds brown thrasher buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies butterflies medium canada goose cardinals carolina chickadee chickadees chipping sparrow common grackle common grackle ''bronzed'' cormorants creve coeur marsh dark_eyed junco deer double_crested cormorant downy woodpecker ducks_2008_and_eariler eastern bluebird eastern phoebe eastern towhee eastern wild turkey egrets finches flycatchers_2010_and_earlier fox sparrow gadwall geese grackles great blue heron great egret greater white_fronted goose greater yellowlegs herons herons in flight ive_been_spotted jays juncos killdeer kingfishers large marsh waders lesser yellowlegs mallard mockingbirds my 1st photo in missouri northern bobwhite northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern mockingbird nuthatches orioles owls palm warbler pectoral sandpiper pelicans pelicans in flight phoebes plovers purple finch rails rallidae raptors red_bellied woodpecker red_breasted nuthatch red_shouldered hawk red_shouldered hawk nest red_shouldered hawk nestk red_tailed hawk red_winged blackbird robins sandpipers_2008_and_earlier shorebirds solitary sandpiper song sparrow sora sparrows_2009_and_earlier spotted sandpiper st. louis circle swallows swallows in flight teal sp. thrashers thrushes titmice towhees tree swallow tufted titmouse turkeys upland game birds warblers_2007_and_earlier white_breasted nuthatch white_throated sparrow willet wilson's snipe wood duck woodpeckers yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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