2008 August Galleries
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_need_flycatcher_id _need_id_help american golden plover american white pelican amphibians animals_2008_up b k leach conservation area bank swallow barn owl barn swallow belted kingfisher birders birds in illinois 2015_and_eariler black tern black_bellied whistling_duck black_crowned night_heron black_necked stilt blackbirds buff_breasted sandpiper buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies butterflies medium caspian tern cliff swallow crawfish dickcissel dowitchers ducks_2008_and_eariler egrets egrets in flight eurasian tree sparrow falcons falcons in flight flycatchers_2010_and_earlier franklin's gull frogs great blue heron great egret greater yellowlegs gulls herons herons in flight horned lark horseshoe lake ibis ive_been_spotted killdeer kingbirds kingfishers large marsh waders larks least sandpiper lesser yellowlegs little blue heron loggerhead shrike my 1st photo in missouri northern rough_winged swallow northern waterthrush orchard oriole orioles owls pectoral sandpiper pelicans pelicans in flight peregrine falcon phalaropes plovers plovers in flight prothonotary warbler red_necked phalarope red_shouldered hawk red_tailed hawk ring_billed gull sandpipers_2008_and_earlier semipalmated plover semipalmated sandpiper shorebirds short_billed dowitcher shrikes solitary sandpiper sparrows_2009_and_earlier spotted sandpiper st. louis circle stilt sandpiper sunsets swallows terns tree swallow warblers_2008_09 western kingbird western sandpiper white ibis wilson's phalarope wood duck yellow warbler yellow_throated warbler yellowlegs sp
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