2008 October Galleries
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_need_flycatcher_id _need_id_help accipiters airplanes american coot american golden plover american redstart american wigeon animals_2008_up bald eagle bathing birds belted kingfisher birds in illinois 2015_and_eariler black_bellied plover black_throated green warbler blackbirds blackpoll warbler blue_headed vireo brown creeper bubbler bufflehead buntings buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies butterflies medium carolina wren chestnut_sided warbler common yellowthroat creve coeur marsh crows crows in flight dark_eyed junco doves doves in flight dowitchers downy woodpecker ducks in flight ducks_2008_and_eariler dunlin eagles eagles in flight eastern towhee eurasian tree sparrow falcons falcons in flight field sparrow finches flycatchers_2010_and_earlier fox sparrow gadwall golden_crowned kinglet gray catbird great blue heron greater yellowlegs grebes green_winged teal grosbeaks gulls gulls in flight harriers in flight hermit thrush herons herons in flight horned lark house sparrow house wren indigo bunting ive_been_spotted juncos killdeer kingfishers kinglets large marsh waders larks least sandpiper lincoln's sparrow lizards long_billed dowitcher magnolia warbler mallard merlin mourning dove my 1st photo in missouri nashville warbler northern harrier northern parula northern shoveler orange_crowned warbler ovenbird owls pelicans pelicans in flight pied_billed grebe pine siskin plovers plovers in flight raccoons raptors red_bellied woodpecker red_eyed vireo red_tailed hawk red_winged blackbird reptiles ring_necked duck rock pigeon ruby_crowned kinglet ruddy duck sanderling sandpipers_2008_and_earlier sapsuckers scarlet tanager snakes snowy owl sparrows_2009_and_earlier st. louis circle summer tanager swamp sparrow swans tanagers teal sp. tennessee warbler thrushes tower grove park towhees triopsidae trumpeter swan turkeys vireos warblers_2008_09 white_crowned sparrow white_throated sparrow wilson's snipe winter wren wood duck wood thrush woodpeckers world bird sanctuary wrens yardbirds_2008_and_earlier yellow_bellied sapsucker yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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