2009 April Galleries
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_need_flycatcher_id _need_id_help a b a area birds a_b_a_area_birds accipiters alligators american avocet american white pelican anhinga animals_2008_up baltimore oriole barn swallow birders birds in flight birds in louisiana birds in mississippi black and white warbler black vulture black_billed cuckoo black_crowned night_heron black_necked stilt black_throated green warbler blackbirds blackbirds in flight blue jay blue_gray gnatcatcher blue_headed vireo blue_winged teal blue_winged warbler bluebirds boat_tailed grackle bobolink bonaparte's gull brown creeper brown pelican brown thrasher buntings buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies butterflies medium canada goose carolina chickadee carolina wren chickadees chipping sparrow common gallinule common grackle common grackle ''bronzed'' common moorhen common yellowthroat cooper's hawk crows crows in flight cuckoos double_crested cormorant doves dowitchers downy woodpecker ducks in flight ducks_2009 easter phoebe eastern bluebird eastern kingbird eastern meadowlark eastern towhee egrets field sparrow finches fish crow flycatchers_2010_and_earlier forster's tern geese glaucous gull grackles gray catbird great blue heron great crested flycatcher great egret great_tailed grackle green heron grosbeaks gulls hermit thrush herons herons in flight house finch house sparrow hummingbirds ibis ibis in flight indigo bunting ive_been_spotted jays kentucky warbler kingbirds kinglets large marsh waders lark sparrow laughing gull lesser yellowlegs lincoln's sparrow long_billed dowitcher mallard meadowlarks mergansers mockingbirds mourning dove mute swan my 1st photo in missouri nashville warbler neotropic cormorant northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern mockingbird northern shoveler orange_crowned warbler orchard oriole orioles osprey ovenbird palm warbler paul bauer pectoral sandpiper pelicans pelicans in flight phalaropes plovers rails rallidae raptors red_bellied woodpecker red_breasted merganser red_eyed vireo red_headed woodpecker reptiles robins roseate spoonbill ruby_crowned kinglet ruby_throated hummingbird sanderling sandpipers_2009 savannah sparrow scissor_tailed flycatcher shorebirds singing birds snakes snowy egret sora sparrows_2009_and_earlier spotted sandpiper st. louis circle stilt sandpiper summer tanager swainson's hawk swainson's thrush swallows swallows in flight swans tanagers teal sp. tennessee warbler terns thrashers thrushes titmice towhees tree swallow tricolored heron tufted titmouse turkey vulture turtles upland sandpiper vesper sparrow vireos vultures vultures in flight warblers_2008_09 warbling vireo western meadowlark whimbrel white ibis white_faced ibis white_throated sparrow willet wilson's phalarope wilson's snipe woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2009_10 yellow_crowned night_heron yellow_headed blackbird yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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