2010 March Galleries
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accipiters american coot american goldfinch american kestrel american pipit american white pelican american wigeon animals_2008_up bald eagle beavers birders birds in illinois 2015_and_eariler black_necked stilt blackbirds blackbirds in flight blue_winged teal bluebirds bufflehead buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier canada goose canvasback cardinals carolina chickadee chickadees common goldeneye common grackle common grackle ''bronzed'' common merganser cooper's hawk crows crows in flight deer doves doves in flight ducks in flight ducks_2010_11 eagles eagles in flight eastern bluebird eastern phoebe falcons falcons in flight finches fish crow flycatchers_2010_and_earlier gadwall geese geese in flight goldeneyes grackles great blue heron great horned owl greater white_fronted goose grebes green_winged teal gulls gulls in flight harriers in flight herons horned grebe horned lark house finch ive_been_spotted killdeer lapland longspur large marsh waders larks lesser scaup longspurs mallard mergansers northern bobwhite northern cardinal northern harrier northern shoveler nuthatches owls paul bauer pelicans pelicans in flight phoebes pied_billed grebe pipits plovers plovers in flight plovers in flight plovers rails rallidae raptors red_breasted merganser red_breasted nuthatch red_tailed hawk red_winged blackbird redhead duck reptiles ring_necked duck ring_necked pheasant robins rock pigeon ruddy duck rusty blackbird sandpipers_2010 savannah sparrow shorebirds snakes snow goose song sparrow sparrows_2010_14 st. louis circle teal sp. thrushes turtles upland game birds white_breasted nuthatch wood duck
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