2011 April Galleries
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accipiters american bittern american coot american goldfinch american pipit american white pelican american wigeon animals_2008_up bald eagle belted kingfisher bird_videos birders birds in flight bitterns black_capped chickadee black_necked stilt black_throated green warbler blackbirds blue_gray gnatcatcher blue_winged teal bluebirds bonaparte's gull broad_winged hawk brown thrasher bufflehead buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier canada goose carolina chickadee chickadees chipping sparrow columbia bottom conservation area common yellowthroat cooper's hawk cooper's hawk nest creve coeur marsh dark_eyed junco double_crested cormorant dowitchers ducks in flight ducks_2010_11 dunlin eagles eagles in flight eastern bluebird eastern towhee eastern wild turkey eurasian wigeon falcons falcons in flight finches flycatchers_2011_15 gadwall geese godwits golden_crowned kinglet great blue heron great horned owl greater yellowlegs grebes green_winged teal gulls gulls in flight hairy woodpecker harriers in flight harris's sparrow hermit thrush herons hooded warbler hudsonian godwit ibis ive_been_spotted juncos kentucky warbler kingfishers kinglets large marsh waders lesser scaup lesser yellowlegs little blue heron lois jean 'eaton' smith_2011_up mergansers mink mrbc documentation muskrat my 1st photo in missouri northern harrier northern pintail northern shoveler nuthatches ovenbird owls palm warbler paul bauer pelicans pelicans in flight peregrine falcon phalaropes pied_billed grebe pipits prothonotary warbler purple finch rails rallidae red_bellied woodpecker red_breasted merganser red_breasted nuthatch red_headed woodpecker red_shouldered hawk red_tailed hawk ring_necked duck riverlands migratory bird sanctuary roseate spoonbill ross's goose sandpipers in flight sandpipers_2011 scarlet tanager shorebirds shorebirds in flight snakes snow goose solitary sandpiper sora sparrows_2010_14 spotted sandpiper st. louis circle swamp sparrow tanagers teal sp. thrashers thrushes towhees tufted titmouse turkeys upland game birds vesper sparrow vireos virginia rail warblers_2010_11 warbling vireo white_faced ibis white_throated sparrow wilson's phalarope wilson's snipe winter wren wood duck wood thrush woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2011_12 yellow warbler yellow_headed blackbird yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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