2011 February Galleries
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accipiters american goldfinch american robin american tree sparrow american white pelican animals_2008_up bald eagle birders birds in illinois 2015_and_eariler black_legged kittiwake blackbirds bufflehead buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier canada goose cardinals carolina chickadee carolina wren chipping sparrow columbia bottom conservation area common goldeneye common grackle common merganser confluence point road confluence point state park contrails cooper's hawk dark_eyed junco doves doves in flight downy woodpecker ducks in flight ducks_2010_11 eagles eagles in flight eastern wild turkey eurasian collared_dove eurasian tree sparrow european starling falcons falcons in flight feeders finches fox sparrow gadwall geese geese in flight glaucous gull goldeneyes grackles great blue heron greater white_fronted goose gulls gulls in flight hairy woodpecker harriers in flight herons herons in flight herring gull hide_a_way harbor horned lark house finch house sparrow ive_been_spotted juncos killdeer large marsh waders larks mallard mergansers mourning dove mute swan my 1st photo in missouri northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern harrier northern pintail nuthatches opossum paul bauer pelicans pelicans in flight peregrine falcon plovers red_bellied woodpecker red_breasted merganser red_tailed hawk ring_billed gull riverlands migratory bird sanctuary robins ross's goose ruddy duck scoters sharp_shinned hawk snow snow goose sparrows_2010_14 squirrels st. louis circle sunsets swans thayer's gull thrushes trumpeter swan tundra swan turkeys upland game birds warblers_2010_11 white_breasted nuthatch white_throated sparrow white_winged scoter woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2011_12 yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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