2011 January Galleries
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accipiters american black duck american goldfinch american kestrel american robin american tree sparrow american white pelican bald eagle belted kingfisher bird bath bird_videos birders birding blind blackbirds blue jay brown_headed cowbird buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier canada goose cardinals carolina wren cedar waxwing chipping sparrow common goldeneye common merganser cooper's hawk dark_eyed junco doves downy woodpecker ducks in flight ducks_2010_11 eagles eagles in flight eastern towhee eurasian tree sparrow european starling falcons falcons in flight finches fox sparrow gadwall geese geese in flight glaucous gull golden_crowned sparrow goldeneyes great blue heron greater white_fronted goose gulls gulls in flight harriers in flight herons herons in flight herring gull horned lark house finch house sparrow hybrids iceland gull ive_been_spotted jays juncos kingfishers large marsh waders larks lesser black_backed gull mallard meadowlarks mergansers mourning dove mrbc documentation my 1st photo in missouri northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern harrier nuthatches pelicans pelicans in flight purple finch rare bird documentation red_bellied woodpecker red_headed woodpecker red_tailed hawk red_tailed hawk ''dark morph'' ring_billed gull robins sapsuckers savannah sparrow snow song sparrow sparrows_2010_14 spotted towhee st. louis circle swans swans in flight thrushes titmouses towhees trumpeter swan tufted titmouse warblers_2010_11 western meadowlark white_breasted nuthatch white_crowned sparrow white_throated sparrow woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2011_12 yellow_bellied sapsucker yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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