2012 May Galleries
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accipiters american goldfinch american redstart american robin american wigeon amphibians animals_2008_up bald eagle baltimore oriole bathing birds belted kingfisher bird_videos birders black and white warbler black_bellied plover black_necked stilt black_throated green warbler blackbirds blackpoll warbler brown thrasher brown_headed cowbird bugs buntings buteos butterflies butterflies large butterflies medium canada goose canada warbler cape may warbler cardinals carolina chickadee cedar waxwing cerulean warbler chestnut_sided warbler chickadees common grackle common yellowthroat cooper's hawk cranes cranes in flight cuckoos dickcissel dragon fly ducks dunlin eagles eastern kingbird eastern phoebe eastern towhee eastern wild turkey egrets eurasian tree sparrow falcons finches flycatchers flycatchers in flight frogs fungus geese godwits grackles grasshopper sparrow gray catbird gray_cheeked thrush great crested flycatcher great egret great_tailed grackle grebes grosbeaks horned grebe house wren hudsonian godwit hummingbirds indigo bunting ive_been_spotted kentucky warbler kingbirds large marsh waders least sandpiper lesser yellowlegs long_billed dowitcher magnolia warbler mallard mergansers my 1st photo in missouri northern cardinal nuthatches orchard oriole orioles palm warbler pectoral sandpiper peregrine falcon phoebes plovers prothonotary warbler rails rallidae red_eyed vireo red_shouldered hawk red_tailed hawk red_winged blackbird reptiles robins rose_breasted grosbeak ruby_throated hummingbird sandhill crane sandpipers sandpipers in flight sapsuckers scarlet tanager scissor_tailed flycatcher semipalmated sandpiper shorebirds singing birds snowy egret solitary sandpiper sora sparrows spotted sandpiper st. louis circle stilt sandpiper summer tanager swainson's thrush swamp sparrow tanagers tennessee warbler thrashers thrushes titmouse towhees tufted titmouse turtles upland game birds vireos warblers_2012_up warbling vireo western kingbird whimbrel white_breasted nuthatch white_eyed vireo white_rumped sandpiper wilson's warbler wood duck woodpeckers wrens yellow warbler yellow_bellied sapsucker yellow_billed cuckoo yellow_headed blackbird yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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