2013 January Galleries
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See map and keyword/photo tags at bottom

Photographs in Texas and Louisiana to mainly show birded locations


January Keyword/Photo Tags

a b a area birds a_b_a_area_birds accipiters alligators altamira oriole american avocet american bittern american coot american goldfinch american kestrel american oystercatcher american white pelican american wigeon anhinga animals_2008_up aplomado falcon bathing birds belted kingfisher bird_videos birders birds in flight birds in louisiana birds in texas jan'13_a birds in texas jan'13_b bitterns black phoebe black skimmer black vulture black_bellied plover black_bellied whistling_duck black_crested titmouse black_crowned night_heron black_necked stilt black_throated sparrow blackbirds blue_winged teal boat_tailed grackle bonaparte's gull brown pelican buff_bellied hummingbird bufflehead bugs buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies cactus wren canvasback cardinals cave swallow chipping sparrow clapper rail common gallinule common ground_dove common loon common moorhen common pauraque common yellowthroat cooper's hawk cormorants couch's kingbird cranes cranes in flight crawfish crested caracara cuckoos curved_billed thrasher deer double_crested cormorant doves dowitchers dragon and damsel flys dragon fly ducks in flight ducks_2012_16 dunlin eastern phoebe egrets eurasian collared_dove falcons falcons in flight finches flycatchers_2011_15 forster's tern goatsuckers golden_fronted woodpecker grackles great blue heron great egret great kiskadee greater roadrunner greater yellowlegs grebes green heron green jay green kingfisher green_winged teal guineafowl gulls gulls in flight harriers in flight harris's hawk harris's sparrow herons herons in flight house finch hummingbirds ibis inca dove ive_been_spotted jays kingbirds kingfishers kinglets kites kites in flight ladder_backed woodpecker landscapes_2010_up large marsh waders larks laughing gull least bittern least grebe lesser goldfinch lincoln's sparrow little blue heron loggerhead shrike long_billed curlew long_billed thrasher loons meadowlarks mergansers merlin mockingbirds mottled duck my 1st photo in missouri nelson's sparrow neotropic cormorant nightjars northern bobwhite northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern harrier northern mockingbird northern pintail northern shoveler olive sparrow orange_crowned warbler orioles osprey pacific loon parrots pelicans pelicans in flight peregrine falcon phoebes pied_billed grebe plain chachalaca plovers pyrrhuloxia rabbits rails rallidae red_breasted merganser red_crowned parrot red_tailed hawk red_throated loon reddish egret redhead duck reptiles ring_necked duck ringed kingfisher roseate spoonbill royal tern ruby_crowned kinglet ruddy duck ruddy turnstone sanderling sandhill crane sandpipers_2012_14 sandwich tern shorebirds shorebirds in flight shrikes snowy egret sparrows_2010_14 spotted sandpiper stilt sandpiper swallows swallows in flight teal sp. terns terns in flight thrashers titmouses tricolored heron tropical kingbird turkey vulture turtles upland game birds vermilion flycatcher vultures vultures in flight warblers_2012_2019 western grebe white ibis white_tailed hawk white_tailed kite white_tipped dove white_winged dove whooping crane willet wilson's snipe woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2013_14 yellow_crowned night_heron yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''
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