2014 Birding Galleries
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Keywords/Photo Tags for the year 2014

_need_flycatcher_id _need_id_help accipiters american avocet american bittern american coot american golden plover american goldfinch american kestrel american redstart american robin american white pelican amphibians anhinga animals_2008_up baird's sandpiper bald eagle baltimore oriole bank swallow barn swallow barred owl bathing birds belted kingfisher bird bath bird_videos birders birds in illinois 2015_and_eariler birds in illinois 2016_up bitterns black and white warbler black scoter black tern black vulture black_bellied plover black_capped chickadee black_necked stilt blackbirds blackbirds in flight blackpoll warbler blue grosbeak blue jay blue spring blue_gray gnatcatcher blue_winged teal bluebirds bonaparte's gull brown creeper brown thrasher brown_headed cowbird bubbler buff_breasted sandpiper bufflehead bugs bull_breasted sandpiper buntings buteos in flight buteos_2014_and_earlier butterflies butterflies large butterflies medium butterflies small calliope hummingbird canada goose canvasback cardinals carolina chickadee carolina wren caspian tern cedar waxwing cerulean warbler chestnut_sided warbler chickadees chimney swift chipmunts chipping sparrow cinnamon teal cliff swallow common goldeneye common grackle common loon common merganser common yellowthroat confluence point road confluence point state park connecticut warbler cooper's hawk cora island road cormorants coyotes cranes cranes in flight crows crows in flight cuckoos dark_eyed junco deer dexter dickcissel double_crested cormorant doves dowitchers downy woodpecker ducks in flight ducks_2012_16 dunlin eagles eagles in flight eastern bluebird eastern kingbird eastern meadowlark eastern phoebe eastern towhee eastern wood_pewee egrets eurasian collared_dove eurasian tree sparrow european starling falcons feeders field sparrow finches fish crow flycatchers_2011_15 fox sparrow franklin's gull frogs fungus geese geese in flight glaucous gull godwits goldeneyes grasshopper sparrow gray catbird great black_backed gull great blue heron great crested flycatcher great egret great horned owl greater white_fronted goose greater yellowlegs grebes green heron grosbeaks gulls gulls in flight hairy woodpecker harriers in flight harris's sparrow henslow's sparrow hermit thrush herons herons in flight herring gull hooded merganser horned grebe horned lark house finch house wren hudsonian godwit hummingbirds hummingbirds in flight hybrids ibis ibis in flight iceland gull indigo bunting ive_been_spotted jays juncos kentucky warbler killdeer kingbirds kingfishers kinglets kites landscapes_2010_up large marsh waders larks least flycatcher least sandpiper least tern leconte's sparrow lesser black_backed gull lesser scaup lesser yellowlegs lincoln shields loggerhead shrike long_tailed duck loons louisiana waterthrush magnolia warbler mallard meadowlarks mergansers merlin mills mimidae mississippi kite missouri parks mockingbirds mourning dove mrbc documentation mute swan my 1st photo in missouri nashville warbler northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker ''yellow_shafted'' northern harrier northern mockingbird northern parula northern pintail northern rough_winged swallow northern shoveler northern waterthrush nuthatches olive_sided flycatcher orchard oriole orioles osprey ovenbird owls palm warbler paul bauer pectoral sandpiper pelicans pelicans in flight peregrine falcon pewee's phalaropes philadelphia vireo phoebes pied_billed grebe pine siskin pine warbler piping plover plovers prothonotary warbler purple finch purple martin raccoons rails rallidae rare_bird red knot red_bellied woodpecker red_breasted merganser red_eyed vireo red_headed woodpecker red_necked grebe red_necked phalarope red_shouldered hawk red_shouldered hawk nest red_tailed hawk red_winged blackbird redhead duck reptiles ring_billed gull ring_necked duck ring_necked pheasant riverlands migratory bird sanctuary robins rocky falls rose_breasted grosbeak rough_legged hawk ruby_crowned kinglet ruby_throated hummingbird ruddy duck ruddy turnstone rusty blackbird sanderling sandhill crane sandpipers in flight sandpipers_2012_14 savannah sparrow scarlet tanager scissor_tailed flycatcher semipalmated plover semipalmated sandpiper shorebirds shorebirds in flight short_billed dowitcher short_eared owl shrikes singing birds snakes snow snow bunting snow goose snow storm snowy owl solitary sandpiper sora sparrows_2010_14 spotted sandpiper spotted towhee springs squirrels st. louis circle stilt sandpiper summer tanager sunsets swainson's hawk swainson's thrush swallows swallows in flight swans swans in flight swifts tanagers teal terns thrashers thrushes titmouses tower grove park towhees townsend's solitaire tree swallow trumpeter swan tufted titmouse tundra swan turkey vulture turner's mill turtles upland game birds upland sandpiper vesper sparrow videos_misc vireos vultures vultures in flight warblers_2012_2019 warbling vireo waterfalls western grebe white_breasted nuthatch white_crowned sparrow white_eyed vireo white_faced ibis white_rumped sandpiper white_throated sparrow willet wilson's phalarope wilson's plover wilson's snipe wilson's warbler wood duck wood thrush woodpeckers wrens yardbirds_2013_14 yellow warbler yellow_bellied flycatcher yellow_bellied sapsucker yellow_billed cuckoo yellow_breasted chat yellow_crowned night_heron yellow_headed blackbird yellow_rumped warbler yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's'' yellow_throated warbler
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