2016-09-08 Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary

One of the four Piping Plovers was banded (See photos 15 & 16 / 33). This bird was banded as an adult 6/18/15 on the Missouri River near Yankton, SD by researchers from Virginia Tech. It has orange over green bands on the left and two green bands on the right along with the green flag on the right. It is so special to hear about this bird because he is the only plover banded by Virginia Tech on the Missouri River (we have banded nearly 4,000 since 2005) that has been seen in Missouri and this particular bird is a favorite of ours.
This summer he nested three times and his first two nests were predated by crows. His third nest hatched and two of the chicks survived to at least 22 days old (almost old enough to fly). Our field season ended before we could see the chicks fledge, but knowing that this bird is still in migration makes me believe his chicks survived to fledging. Nest success was low in the area I studied this summer (only 23/89 nests hatched and only 4 chicks were known to fledge), so it's encouraging
to think that this bird's two remaining chicks may have fledged.
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