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Flycatchers: <span style="color:#fff; background:#333;">Scissor-tailed Flycatcher</span> 
Hwy N and I64 St. Charles County <br>
<a href="/Birds/2008-Birding/Birding-2008-July/2008-07-23-Scissor-tailed/i-mtzBmDN">2008-07-23</a> <br><br>
My 1st Missouri photo, species #190 <br> 
2008-06-06 11:24:08 <br><div class="noshow">
 See #190 in photo gallery 
<a href="/Birds/2008-Birding/Birding-2008-June/2008-06-06-Bridgeton-Bottoms/i-pKD6sVr">
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